South Goa Bicycle Tours

South Goa's Cycle Doctor

When we began our cycle tours in Goa, the first thing to figure out was cycle maintenance. Goa’s moist salty air, sand, frequent use by cyclists of different skill levels all mean that frequent and thorough checks are necessary to keep our Cannondales shiny and happy. We needed a cycle doctor and our friendly neighbourhood guide Rahul Chandawarkar pointed us in the direction of Prof Ajay Dongre and his team- Donald D’Souza and Flavian Sutari at Escapades- for the road and beyond. The team of Ajay, Donald and Flavian in their Ponda store taught Nipun the basics of cycle maintenance. And if you are in their store often, you will inevitably meet the who’s who of south Goa cycling.

Joining a Cycling Club in Goa

Pic by Gautam Pednekar As a former runner, I have been through the process that starts with “hmm, this running gig sounds mildly interesting”, goes on to joining a running group and reading Runners World. Before you know it, you're dropping words like fartlek in polite conversation and travelling to nearby cities to run marathons. As I’ve started to cycle more often, here’s what I’ve found happens to Homo pedalus Buy a cycle Tool around the neighbourhood Join a group so you can safely cycle further Realise the merits of wearing clothes that don’t chafe And before you know it, you’re wearing tights, cycling 100kms with the Xaxti Riders and Bob is the brother of your mother. Xaxti Ridersis one

Things to do in South Goa with kids: Visit the library

The South Goa district public library in Navelim (close to Margao) is a wonderful place for residents and visitors. Especially attractive for the younger lot is the well stocked children’s section, with its comfy reading nooks. To borrow books, you need to be a member of the library, but it’s open to you or your bibliophile child to spend a few hours reading. Makes for a good break when it's too hot to be at the beach and you're tired after your cycling trip!

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