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Things to Do in Goa: Triathlon

On a cool February morning, a whole lot of spandex clad people gathered on Bambolim beach near Panaji and at the call "Ready, Set, Goa!" plunged into the sea for the first part of the Goa triathlon. The event was wonderfully organised by Enduro Sports. This is India's first (and only) triathlon where the swim is in open water.

If you're already a triathlete- there's the Olympic Triathlon for you. For those who want to dip their toes into triathlons (tri-curious!) there's the Super Sprint, which has short distances (400m swim, 10km bike ride, 2.5 km run). The sea is very calm in Bambolim, I didn't see a single wave break during the swim. The cycle ride is up a steep hill and the run is in the hot sun. Yes, the distances are short, but there's no point in making it too easy! And for those who don't want to swim, there's a Run-Cycle-Run event as well.

I took part in the Super Sprint triathlon and enjoyed it hugely. I also ended up with a podium finish (2nd among the women) and we followed the event up with a meaty lunch at Pintos, St. Inez. All in all, a Sunday well spent!

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