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Joining a Cycling Club in Goa

Pic by Gautam Pednekar

As a former runner, I have been through the process that starts with “hmm, this running gig sounds mildly interesting”, goes on to joining a running group and reading Runners World. Before you know it, you're dropping words like fartlek in polite conversation and travelling to nearby cities to run marathons.

As I’ve started to cycle more often, here’s what I’ve found happens to Homo pedalus

Buy a cycle

Tool around the neighbourhood

Join a group so you can safely cycle further

Realise the merits of wearing clothes that don’t chafe

And before you know it, you’re wearing tights, cycling 100kms with the Xaxti Riders and Bob is the brother of your mother.

Xaxti Ridersis one of the most enthusiastic and generous cycling clubs I've been a part of. They discover new routes, post group rides, encourage newbies and brilliantly organise an annual 100 km bike ride through the most beautiful parts of the state. Also, Sunday rides involve puri bhaji and sheera.

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