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What is included in the trip?

For all trips, we provide you with cycles, helmets, reflective jackets, food and water. If you have a water bottle that fits a bike cottle cage, please bring it along, to reduce plastic waste! For the details of what is provided on each trip, see the Trips page. You will need to make your own arrangements to get to and from the starting point, unless specifically mentioned. Any food or drink purchases over and above what we provide are not included.

Which cycles do you have?

We have new 21-speed hybrid Canondale bicycles.

How many people in a group?

The group is limited to 5 guests, accompanied by the Dramapur team. 

Do you have a vehicle trailing the riders?


How tough is the route? How fit do I need to be?

The Benaulim route is very easy- it's about 12 kilometres on flat roads. 

The Salcete route is rated easy, with a 30 kilometre ride on the flat roads of Benaulim and around, shaded by coconut palms. There is very little traffic. If you can cycle and are up for a few hours of gentle exercise, you can do it! We cycle together as a group and take everybody along with us. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, please check with your doctor before cycling. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and are well hydrated, so don't party all night!


Ask us if you'd like to do a longer, hillier route. For example, the Cabo de Rama route is for experienced cyclists. The ride itself is rated moderate, as the first 20 km are on flat coastal roads. There are 3 climbs on the route, with a plateau and a few steep descents. It can also get hot after the first hour. 

Any specific requirements from us?

You need to be able to ride a bicycle- obviously!

Also, given the bicycle frame sizes we have, we can only provide cycles to people above 5 feet.

There's no bathroom at all on the Benaulim ride, so please come prepared!

Are you open every day?

Yes, we ride every day! But you need to contact us and book your spot, we only do rides that are confirmed and booked.

Can I get my kids along?

If your child can cycle on an adult bike and is accompanied by an adult (typically 12 years or older), he or she is welcome. At the moment, we do not provide children's bicycles. 

How do I book?

Message us here, contact us via email ( or WhatsApp (+91 9769801816). Let us know your date, number of people and which ride you'd like to go on. We'll talk or message you and send you the details. Once you've confirmed your ride, we will send you a link to the payment gateway (Instamojo for Indian cards and Paypal for international cards). We will email or message you to confirm that we've received payment and your ride is booked.   

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment is in full, in advance and there is no refund if you cancel. If we cancel, we will refund you the entire amount. Details on the Refund Policy page.

Do you provide customised tours for groups?

Yes, talk to us about what you’d like to do!  

How do we get to the meeting point and back from our hotel?

The meeting point is in front of Prudential Pristine, Colva.  Use Google maps to find the spot. You can park your vehicle here, or take a taxi or rickshaw to this point.If you don't have your own transport, contact your hotel for a taxi, or let us know and we’ll put you in touch with a taxi driver. Buses also ply on the road, but you may not be able to catch one in time for the 6:45 am start. 

Can I rent a cycle? 

Sorry, at this point, we aren't renting out our cycles. 

For any other questions, Whatsapp on +91 9769801816 or email

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